Secure Video Teletherapy


What is teletherapy?

Secure Teletherapy is a convenient way to access individual and relationship counseling with a Registered Psychotherapist and lets you meet in  the privacy and comfort of your own home or office. This eliminates commute time frustration so common in large metropolitan areas. It also makes it possible to sustain regular therapy sessions whether you live at a distance, or frequently travel. 

Is teletherapy right for you?

No therapy format is right for everyone and this applies to Teletherapy as well. Teletherapy may be right for you if you have a private confidential space in which to meet online (which includes secure internet service); if you have a strong internet connection, and a computer that is set up with video and audio. 

What secure online video tool will be used?

We will use a secure real-time videoconferencing software, specifically developed for health care professionals.  Teletherapy software is HIPAA compliant and covers Canadian Health Information privacy concerns. 

How do teletherapy sessions work?

Once you decide you want to engage in Teletherapy and have set an appointment in my online scheduler, I will send you instructions on how to connect via the Teletherapy.  You can test your system for video and audio quality and we can test it together before your first  appointment for a few minutes as well. If you  have used Skype, Facetime or any other online video communication program, you will feel very comfortable with Teletherapy.  

When your appointment time is at hand, just log in to the Teletherapy site. I will see your name appear (that you "have arrived" for your appointment) and will connect with you. I may be in session with another  client just before your appointment, so imagine you are in a “waiting room” and I will  greet you.

Is there a need for any special equipment?

If you find that your  audio/video setup is not sufficient for you (and your partner if in a  couple session) to sit back a bit from the computer so that I can see and hear you both clearly, then you may want  to get a more powerful video connection. I can recommend cameras that may provide better transmission. 

Do you have questions about Teletherapy?

If you have further questions please contact me by calling North American Toll Free (833) 444 4049 or Ontario, CA (613) 707 2077. You can also email me at I'll be happy to help!

Is Teletherapy Right for You?

Although still emerging as a new service alternative, you’ve probably heard of  online Video Therapy or Teletherapy.   

I hope this overview of my video-based online therapy services will help you in determining whether Teletherapy may be right for you. 


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