Schedule Your Appointment Using Acuity Scheduling

Tennessee & New Jersey Online Counseling Sessions

 If you bank online, skype or facetime with friends and family around the country, and shop online, take advantage of the convenience of Teletherapy, use any of the "Video-Therapy" session scheduling options below. 

Ontario Teletherapy Sessions

 If you're in the Greater Toronto Area, or reside anywhere in Ontario, Canada, and wish to schedule an appointment with me, use the Acuity Scheduling program to schedule an individual or couples session.

Individual Sessions

I offer both 50 minute and extended 85 minute sessions for individuals. Please contact me for session rates and to discuss if an extended session would work best for your needs. 

Couple Sessions

My regular couple session is 70 minutes. Some couples elect to use an extended 85 minute session, especially if they do not see me weekly. Please contact me for rates and to discuss which option would work best for your needs. 

Do you have questions?

 If you have further questions please contact me by calling  North American Toll Free (833) 444 4049 or Ontario, CA (613) 707 2077.  You can also email me at I'll be happy to help!